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Backgammon is usually played in sets, since the duration of each game is short. Each player moves the checkers according to the dice, and tires to get to his home board, which are at the opposite side of which he began. Only when he has delivered all his checkers over to his home board can he begin to remove the pieces from the board. If a player has no legal moves after rolling the dice because all his checkers are blocked by enemy checkers, he must forfeit his turn. However, he must try to play both dice, if possible. If he has only one possible move with only one of the dice, then he must play that move and forfeit the use of the other dice.

Backgammon is widely played in the Middle Eastern countries from which it originated. The main countries that play backgammon are Turkey, Azerbaijan and Israel, where backgammon is popular game in cafes and bars. There are variants on the game, and it is play in a slightly different fashion in each country. When backgammon is played for money, especially in the casinos in the United States, it is played in a more complicated fashion, often involving multiple players with captains and changes in the rules.