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The Rules of Backgammon

Backgammon is a popular board game that is similar in many ways to checkers. In order to become a good backgammon player you must know the rules and how the pieces are moved. The rules and instructions of backgammon are easy to learn and understand. If you have bought a backgammon board chances are the instructions and rules are included in it.

Your objective in backgammon is to get all your pieces to the home board and to bear all of them off the board. The first player to get all his pieces off the backgammon board is declared the winner. To move the pieces to your ultimate goal, you have to first roll the die and move the pieces according to the number shown on the die. Each player take turns in rolling the die and moving the pieces.

Each player must roll the die before moving his pieces. For example, if a player gets the numbers 5 and 2 on his roll of the die, you can choose to either move a piece seven spaces or move two pieces five and two spaces, respectively.

If a backgammon player is lucky enough to get a double, for example if the numbers he get from the roll is 2 and 2, he gets double the number of moves allowed for that roll. So he can have four moves of four spaces each, instead of two moves. A player must move two pieces if possible. If only one piece can be moved, he must move that piece or else he will lose a turn. If a backgammon player succeeds in placing two or more of his pieces on a point, his opponent is not allowed to place any of his pieces on that point.

The last stage in backgammon - the winning time - is the bear off. You cannot start this stage unless all your pieces are already on the home board. Once you have succeeded in placing all your pieces on the home board, you start rolling the dice and bearing each piece according to the number you get from the roll. If you succeed in bearing off all your pieces off the backgammon board before your opponent does, then you will be declared the winner.

Backgammon is relatively easy to learn once you know the basic ideas and get the hang of the game. If you are new to the game and have some problem remembering the rules, you can bring with you a copy of the backgammon rules for your reference.