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Beginners Backgammon: Beating the Challenge

Backgammon can be a challenging and confusing game to play, particularly to newbie players. But the truth is backgammon is quite simple to play once you get the concept and the rules of the game down.

The more challenging part would be playing the game in advanced mode, especially if one is aspiring to be and expert backgammon player. Normally, for the more experienced players, most of the correct moves are against one's instincts.

Correct placement of one's chips is the basic and essential move to survive in the game. The second most important move is keeping one's point blocked, because if not, the opponent will take advantage of the opportunity. An open point is a vulnerable point, so keep an eye on your points and move accordingly but strategically. A good dice roll is also beneficial for making a good move on one's home board.

In the case of hitting, it is a good idea to have an open chip at the beginning of the game. An advantage to this strategy is that it will be easier to go through one's home board as well as the opponent's since there are only few chips that block the points. If a player happens to get odd dice rolls, these are far more applicable and beneficial to this strategy.

Having to set a five-point on the home board of the opponent is the more challenging part of the game. Since the object of the game is to bear off all chips faster than the other player, you can do so if you can make a five-point without being hit by the opponent. This is pulling off a defensive anchor that is more likely to depend on the roll of the dice. If luck allows it to happen, then you have a surefire win against the opponent.

Another good strategy that is beneficial is to keep the opponent in one's home board, through a filled up five-point, before making a hit. A favorable dice roll would allow you to have the advantage especially if the outcome is a 1 or 3, or you have an open chip and cannot be hit by the opponent. It is quite difficult to accomplish both without having to lose many chips due to hits. Be watchful on the dice roll so as to make a favorable outcome to your advantage.

There is no secret or particular technique when playing backgammon. Experience is always the best teacher. Play more and play with the best players or the more experienced ones in order for you to learn the good and the bad moves. Ask for some tips when you're hit, so you'll know which part of your play needs more tweaking.