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    Backgammon history

  • Backgammon Variants: Popular Games
    Backgammon has brought to the modern world the versatility of one boardgame. The more popular variations of backgammon normally cater to both young and mature players.

  • Backgammon World Championship Winners
    In the early 70's, American players dominate the World championship of Backgammon but their European counter parts have slowly catch up with them. In the recent 8 championships, Europeans have finally overtake the Americans by winning most of the title. Asian and Middle Eastern countries have shown much interest to the game as shown in their strong finish at the world championship.

  • Beginners Backgammon: Beating the Challenge
    For some folks who haven't played Backgammon, the game may look rather daunting than challenging. It takes time and experience to beat all the possible challenges and opponents, but for a beginner, there are many possible ways to win.

  • Don't Know any Backgammon
    Even if you are not familiar with backgammon, don't think that it's not a famous gambling game. If you like to get a better grasp of what it is, then read on.

  • Fundamentals of Doubling
    Usually, for a player to win a match in backgammon he needs to accumulate a certain amount of points. Using a doubling cube increases a player's chances of gaining those coveted points. Let's see what a double or a redouble can do for your game.

  • Importance of Strategic Playing in Backgammon
    It is important for a backgammon player to know the various strategies in a backgammon game. By knowing these, he can enhance his playing skill and improve his game play.

  • More Backgammon Rules
    The game of backgammon uses points in determining the winner. The object of the game is to bear off all your checkers in your home board.

  • Taking a Glimpse at Backgammon History
    The origin of the game of backgammon can be traced back five thousand years. Several variations to the game in different regions of the world is noted as part of the history of backgammon.

  • The Rules of Backgammon
    The rules of backgammon are very easy to learn that even children can understand. Know the basic rules of backgammon and how the game is played.

  • When to Execute the Running Game in Backgammon
    Executing a running game is a basic strategy in backgammon. The question is when do we employ this strategy? Let us look at the conditions that would give us a hint at the right timing for a perfect running game.

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